Your right to compensation if your landlord or agent has not registered your deposit or bond (or registered it more than 30 days after you paid it)

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It is very clear in law. If your deposit was NOT protected within 30 days of your landlord or letting agent receiving it from you, your landlord or letting agent has broken The Housing Act 2004 and you are entitled to compensation.

What compensation am I entitled to?

According to sections 213-215 of The Housing Act 2004, you are entitled to your full deposit back, as well as 1 – 3 times the amount of your deposit as compensation. How much compensation you receive is at a judge’s discretion. If you would like to know how much your claim is likely to get, please speak to our certified tenant advisors on 020 3476 6648 or use the contact form.

How can I confirm I have a case, and how do I claim?

If you think your landlord or estate agent has broken the law and you are entitled to a compensation payment, please call us on 020 3476 6648. Our advisors will look through the details of your specific situation and tenancy, and advise on the strength of your case. We can also advise on how to claim your compensation and what options are available to you (including options that don’t involve Court).

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