How to get a solicitor or lawyer for when a landlord or agent has not registered or protected a deposit or bond

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If you are going to take your landlord or letting agent to court for not registering your deposit in a Deposit Protection Scheme, it is important to pick the correct solicitor or lawyer.

What do you want from a solicitor?

As the claim will be heard on the “multi-track” (instead of Small Claims Court), the losing side generally will have to pay the Court fees and the legal costs of the winning side (they pay for your solicitor). There are a few important things to consider when picking the right solicitor:

  • Lots of experience
  • Good standard of client care
  • Good value for money

Unfortunately, many tenants contact us when they are mid-way through a Court claim and they have realised their solicitor does not know what to do and is charging them over £150/hour.

Who can we recommend?

Justice For Tenants, as the foremost specialist experts in unprotected deposit issues, can recommend nationwide solicitor firms who tick all of the 3 boxes above.

They only charge 36% inclusive of any applicable VAT of the amount you get (so you will always end up with significantly more than your initial deposit), and they know all the intricacies of this particular niche area of law. It is on a No Win No Fee basis, so nothing needs to be paid upfront and the 36% is only charged if your case is successful. We also conduct regular reviews based on tenant feedback to ensure any solicitors firm we recommend gives their clients a high standard of care.

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