Is my deposit or bond registered in a government approved tenancy deposit protection scheme?

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Where can my deposit be protected?

You can check online to see if your deposit is protected with one of the deposit protection schemes online. There are 3 separate schemes:

  • MyDeposits
  • DPS – Deposit Protection Service
  • TDS – Tenancy Deposit Scheme

Alternatively, you can speak to us at Justice For Tenants and we will tell you whether your deposit is protected.

If your deposit is protected

If your deposit was protected in a scheme, then you can use the free Dispute Resolution service offered by all 3 schemes.

If your deposit is NOT protected

If your deposit was NOT protected in a scheme, you are entitled to your full deposit back as well as compensation of up to 3 times the amount of your deposit. You can find out more on our page:

Your right to compensation and full deposit return if your deposit was not protected in a scheme

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